Hi There! I’m Jess a forever twenty-something year old living in Durham Region– GTA outside of “Torono”! I am a preschool teacher by day and the owner of Dance Collective dance studio in Ajax, Ontario by night (and weekends!)

I collect (my mother would say that I hoard) throw blankets and pillows,
I’m obsessed with chocolate covered pretzels and naps
I’m a sucker for receiving small presents or letters in the mail
My favourite food and drink are tacos and wine, or margaritas, or rum and coke? I can’t decide.
I love pretty much every animal and you can find me saving birds, kittens, and baby squirrels from time to time
I appreciate a good book
and I firmly believe that holding-hands and hugging are an essential part of life.



a soft quilt filled with down, feathers, or a synthetic fiber, used instead of an upper sheet and blankets.
My definition: a safe and comfortable piece of heaven where I spend time alone with my thoughts.

duvet is a blog that includes everything from life to lifestyle from wine to relationships and everything else in between. I have always loved writing and found it very therapeutic which was duvet’s original purpose; to provide a safe space for myself to write. Not knowing that actual living breathing people were interested in what I was writing, duvet has maintained the safe space but has now evolved into a more vulnerable sphere where I share my interests, personal stories and advice while sharing and collaborating with beautiful souls.


duvet has become much more than about laying on, under, or cuddling my duvet and writing about my day. It has become about the small but much more important things in life like happiness, making people laugh, sharing experiences and building a community of humans who wish to inspire and be inspired.
I hope you all join this adventure with me whether its reading and laughing or wanting to collaborate and share our mutual weirdness. Whatever you choose to do, I hope this space makes you feel all of the good feelings–feeling safe and warm or vulnerable and confident just like laying on your own duvet.

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