my life is like folding a fitted sheet

So I’ve been trying this new thing:

It’s called eating healthier and exercising regularly…. like ACTUALLY exercising not just my arm reaching for the wine glass.

Now it has only been a week but, I have already noticed a difference in my mood and the regular trips to the bathroom. Trips that don’t require me either sitting there for 5-10 minutes OR running the minute I hear a grumble… too much info?? Sorry I will carry on..

I have this strange idea that doing this for myself will make me happier in an overall sense but LET ME TELL YOU how I gave my one week of almost success too much credit. I say almost success because my goal was to workout 4 out of the 7 days and eat healthier, giving myself at least one day of fun foods and drinks depending on how I scored myself each day.

The beginning of the week went well! I was motivated and excited, I had just decorated the dance studio for Christmas and was in the cheeriest of spirits. Middle of the week I decide that this is all very attainable and I become so impressed with myself that I felt like I needed a reward for being regular and clogging the toilet….twice. So there I go and eat half of an Aero bar…. not toooooo bad right?

WELL,  as the week continues my life turned into a scene of someone trying to fold a fitted sheet. Now some of you may have that down to an art and if you do, I applaud you! If you’ve ever tried to fold a fitted sheet, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

What? How? Are you kidding me? I’m done with this! I’ve got it! Oh wait no I don’t.

It’s like you think you’ve got things under control or everything seems to be going how you want it to and then BAM, you see a delicious cheese croissant staring straight into your eyes so you HAVE to eat it, or you have those negative people that ruin your happy vibe and you become the Grinch, or you head into your favourite store simply going in for one thing and one thing only. Guess what? They don’t have that thing you’re looking for so you decide it’s in your best interest to buy something to make you feel better… like say…. a blanket 🙂 (oops I did it again) AND then you decide well I already gave in and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything I wanted to this week SO, why not buy a caffeinated beverage to destroy my stomach 🙂

So yes, I succumbed to buying a blanket and all the other things in order to make myself feel better however, I need to take a step back.

Realize that I can have moments of fitted sheet folding madness throughout my week and just because I thought one week of working out and eating better was magically going to make my life better… and it did….. a bit; that day by day is how I must go.

But please, someone tell me that they have succeeded at something similar or else I’m going to be broke with only my blankets there to hold me.

Here’s to a new week!



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