buses, butterflies, and Wild Beast rollercoaster rides.

It’s like one minute you’re on top of the world and then the next your faced down in a pile of dog poop wondering how you got there.

l o v e

a topic that came to mind this weekend while having a Peppermint Mocha Frapp (which I soon later regretted), and a feeling that is felt in so many different ways. I have asked around to do a little research as to how others define love. Being that it is such a broad topic, I was interested to see how a variety of people around me perceive love and the feelings that come with it.

Some have said that love is cuddles, a feeling of home and warmth and a connection. Or that love is like a unicorn in a way that it is magical but at the end of the day may not exist (for now.) Love is a feeling you get when you look at a warm chocolate brownie or melting cheese on a just out of the oven pizza. Love is your dog running to you at the front door even though you’ve went to take the garbage out. Love is missing the person just after seeing them or wanting them so badly that it hurts. Love is knowing that you can’t go a day without that person.

Many have or will go through loving others, places, animals and things and with growing through love I find comes with the acceptance that these people and objects come with a purpose. I’ve broken them down into three feelings.

Feeling #1
A Bus
– the “minding my business, where did you come from?” kind of love

Picture this, you’re waiting for the light to change so that you can cross the road. Listening to music and minding your own business. You understand that you can’t cross the road before the light changes because that means you could potentially be risking your life by getting hit by a car and well in some cases, its illegal. So you wait. The light changes you’re ready to hit the road with a little dance in your step, then the next thing you know you’re getting ready to sing at the top of your lungs to the chorus of Don’t Stop Believing, and then BAM. A bus comes out of nowhere COMPLETELY ruining your jam, knocking you into a daze and sending you to the hospital not realizing what just happened but making you feel like you’re on morphine.

—- this is the love that you didn’t expect to happen. It hurts but also makes you feel so good.

Feeling #2
– the ” my stomach has become a butterfly conservatory” kind of love

The love in which can develop or can happen in an instant. The love that when it happens, feels like you are now home to a billion butterflies. You are constantly feeling them, hearing them (not sure what butterflies sound like but hey, just go with it), thinking about them. You want them to feel loved because loving them makes you happy so you support them, tell them you love them everyday and make sure they know how much you desire and admire them.

—- this is the love you want to keep. The comfortable, can’t get enough,fun-loving, playful, exciting, cuddling and hugging kind of love.

Feeling #3
Wild Beast
-the “help me I’m not sure what’s happening” kind of love

Assuming those of you reading have been on any type of roller coaster, in particular I will be referring to the Wild Beast at Canada’s Wonderland. The kind of ride where you know its going to be scary but at the same time it thrills you. The ride that doesn’t look quite safe but you decide to go for it. So you hop right in and realize just before it’s about to begin, have you or have you not made the right decision. The ride begins and you realize that there is no secure strap to hold you in. It’s shaky and bumpy leaving you feeling sick while at the same time your butt comes off the seat and you feel like you’re flying. It’s a mix of “I hate this make it stop,” and “this is the best feeling ever.”

—- this is the love that drives you insane. The kind of indecision as to whether or not you like it, or you love the joys of the peaks and valleys.

To me, love is the best damn feeling in the world. The feeling of sneaking down the stairs and peaking at your stocking on Christmas morning. The feeling of finally getting to crawl under the covers after a long day. The feeling of finally passing gas after holding it in all morning. The feeling of laughing so hard you pee a little. The feeling of wanting to do anything for that person, puppy, or cheeseburger staring so deeply into your eyes.

Love is seeing the flaws but showing support and understanding without judgement anyways. Love is hearing about a bad day or funny story without any distractions. Love is touching the heart through desire and the little things. Love is tasting the need for each other and open communication. Love is smelling their morning breath and not have the urge to give them a breath mint… joking… kind of

I’m sure I could have a whole blog series about love and tell you about all my interesting love stories and heartbreak but for now I will leave you with this,

” to hate
is an easy lazy thing
but to love
takes strength
everyone has
but not all are
willing to practice”- rupi kaur




  1. Love is selfless, kind and honest. It is what makes us human. It is looking at a child and seeing joy in her eyes. It is crying because your whole being has filled with emotion. It is breathing. It is life.

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