Paradise exists in moments. In connection.

(according to google)
– a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else

-a link between pipes or electrical components.

-a connecting train, bus, etc.

Everyday we connect with something whether it be a person, a piece of nature, a song on the radio or even a item such as a blanket in Chapters. Everyday we make a connection that means something to us, produces a feeling within us, or challenges us. Lately for myself, my strongest connections have been a simple smile from a person on the street, a gesture of holding the door while walking into Shoppers, a surprise cookie treat, a clinking of glasses while making “cheers” to more positive days, a big bear hug when I needed it most, sharing a gut wrenching laugh over the silliest of things or crying tears of joy witnessing two strangers in love; these interactions have all created a connection.

Thinking about these connections I have come to realize the importance of them and as many say, and I truly like to live life by, “it’s the small things.” The smallest of things are what we as busy little humans need to pay attention to. It’s the quote on the pillow that reads “Namastay in bed” that lets you know that you need to take time for yourself. It’s the view of the moon and stars in the sky that let you know that you’re not alone in this world. It’s the old song that comes on the radio at the exact moment that you felt like you needed some sort of “sign,” and it’s that human interaction between friends and strangers like smiling, laughing and crying that makes us feel alive.

Do me a favour and think about your day, your week, or even your past month. Think about all the connections you have made and not just with people. Really think about it.

The contact you have with these connections aren’t just “connections,” they are moments. Right now you’ve just taken the time to think about your interactions and you have just recreated these moments, these memories. Some moments you may have found yourself feeling sad, angry, happy, or even laughing so hard that you snort (as I typically do). But in these moments you have made connections, and in those connections you have created moments and in these moments I guarantee you have found happiness or a “paradise” if you will.

Be aware of these little moments even in your most vulnerable state and allow them to carry you to your happy place. Find joy within the connections of smiling strangers or that annoying wasp circling your head while having brunch with friends. Live in the moments when you’re alone breathing in the last bit of summer air or in a crowd full of people at a concert singing at the top of your lungs.

My advice to you, whether you decide to take it or not, is to not go searching for this unknown “paradise,” but to look at the moments, the connections, the interactions you’ve made and continue to make, and find bliss in the small things (even if you really hate wasps. I mean it chose you to fly around).

Acknowledge the beauty within these moments and understand their connection, whether you know the importance of it or not, it means something.

connect more


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