A fun thing to do in the morning is NOT talk to me.

I am not a morning person. It could be that I love my bed too much ( I mean I named my blog after my bed), or it could be that my mind races the most at night, which leaves me in tears when I hear my alarm go off in the morning.

(I am a night person. There’s something about the stars and the moon that make me feel alive)

Some other morning things I dislike range from:

Coffee or any type of caffeine for that matter; my mornings would then consist of bathroom breaks every 5 minutes.. no thank you
*** Also if you need caffeine to wake up, then news flash, you’re not a morning person either 🙂

Breakfast: now before you say I’m crazy, I DO like breakfast foods, I just feel a bit of puke in my throat at the thought of eating something so early in the morning. 10 am and beyond? Give me all the eggs, bacon, and toast!

If you are lucky to find me awake before the hour of 8am, you will not get a sentence out of me. A series of grunts or the ever so slightly nods or shakes of the head to answer any question you ask… yes or no questions only please!

Side note, I mean I’m sure everyone does not just “wake up like dis,” all fancy and put together in the morning. Hey if you do, then you need to tell me your secret because I do not look anywhere close to Beyonce in the morning. I have medusa lion mane hair, most likely the remnants of drool on the side of my mouth due to my open mouthed sleeping and sleep lines all over my face. Cute right?

Mornings = Gross


Let me turn this around now.

Yes there are many things that myself and I’m sure some of you don’t like about the morning however, for the past almost month, I have found myself waking up between 5-7am (not by choice). While I don’t necessarily enjoy waking up all wide eyed staring at my ceiling at that hour, I have come to appreciate the morning a bit more. The sound of calm silence along with the occasional bird chirping, being able to not only see the moon still out but also the sun rise, and the feeling of the cool breeze coming from the window knowing that you still have so much time left in the day. All of these amazing things make waking up early so much more exciting. I mean it would take me a while to get used to waking up that early everyday and even longer having to actually leave my bed, but I feel grateful to be able to witness such beauty.

I think that’s what I encourage all of you non-morning goers to do. I encourage you to wake up to watch the sun rise, to hear those birds, and to admire the incredible beauty that the morning has to offer. My goal is to appreciate the morning more, but please understand, I probably still won’t talk.

with sunrises and love,



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