What if our money value was based on our passion?

Like always, I find myself daydreaming and thinking of many scenarios in regards to life or just nonsense. Today was one of those daydreaming days!

As I was walking through fields upon fields of dandelions (no joke), the wind was blowing and I could hear the sound of the waves in the background and my friend telling me to “turn around” so she could take my picture, I had a thought; What if how rich we were, was based on us fulfilling our most desired passions.

I shall walk you through my dandelion field path in my mind:

First off the sounds of the waves and clicking of cameras weren’t the only sounds heard today. A sound that was very very familiar to myself as a child was the– ice cream truck!

— before there were ice cream trucks their were “Dicky Dee” bikes and the sound of their bike bell. If you’re not sure what this is well you could simply ‘Google It’ or picture a bike and at the front of it is a HUGE cooler filled with ice cream bars and popsicles.– Different sound, same excited feeling.

anyways… the sound of the ice cream truck brought back feelings of nostalgia and happiness. I remember the annoying music that would play and all of the kids running outside to catch it before it left our street. Sometimes we all would chase it around the block and other times one parent would buy all of the kids on the street an ice cream. Not only were us kids excited to devour the sweet treats but I remember the ice cream man being just as excited to serve us. My favourite? Chocolate Milk Shake or a Rocket!
But as I heard this sound yes I got excited, but I also wanted to see the face behind the truck. Was this person going to be how I remembered, smile and all?

Unfortunately I didn’t have any money on me to stop in front of the truck and beg for some soft serve, but I did get to witness a kind man behind the truck still with a smile on. Which brought me to my next thought:

How happy was this man driving around an ice cream truck, awaiting people of all ages to run from their homes and get a cold snack? Assuming that this job was just a temporary seasonal one and since ice cream and cold treats don’t really go for much money, was he happy with this job? Was this something he chose to do because he honestly enjoyed it? Is his passion to serve ice cream and drive around playing annoying but oh so wonderful ice cream songs all summer long?

I’d like to believe yes. Who wouldn’t want to own an ice cream truck! LIKE HELLO PEOPLE!? My thought went from happy to a bit sad but then right back to a happyhopeful. To my next thought: Let’s say this ice cream man chose this as his dream. That since he was a young boy his passion was to own an ice cream truck and serve his neighbourhood and surrounding neighbourhoods proudly! I would say that that would be the truest form of success! Doing something you’ve always wanted to and being happy doing it. NOW remember I got sad thinking, because there is no way this man is making a stable living running this business, or maybe he is, but then maybe he isn’t. But he’s happy!

SO IMAGINE WE WERE AS RICH AS OUR PASSIONS AND DREAMS WE FOLLOW! This dude would be a billionaire! Which made me think how happy and rich everyone would be if we all just followed our passions and dreams. That the world and universe would pay us if we stayed true to ourselves. No matter what your passion! Ice cream man, sidewalk cleaner, dog pooper scooper, clown, dance teacher, latte maker, wine taster, picture taker. Your passion is what made you rich, not the job or salary that you were required to enter into to live.

So how rich would you be? Right now in this moment?

Maybe you are already following your passion and you’re making enough money to get by, or maybe you are following your passion but its a rough world out there. Maybe your passion is becoming a mother or father, or maybe it’s running your own brewery.

Ironically enough after this large imaginative thought, as my friend and I were finishing our walk and kicking up dandelion wishes, she said ” I’m kicking away the wishes,” to which I replied, “or spreading the wishes. It’s about perspective.”  Are you kicking away your wishes or are you following and making your own and spreading them to people around you?

Whatever you’re doing, I hope you are currently smiling just like the Ice Cream Man. And if you hear that song, I hope you decide to run out of your house and buy some. For you, for your kid, for the old couple on the street.

Make Wishes, Dream, Follow Your Heart, and Eat Ice Cream 🙂



  1. Funny story…since I was a teenager I wanted to be a driving instructor. I love driving and I enjoy teaching so I thought it was the perfect fit. It was a few years ago that I wholeheartedly thought about what my life would be like if I pursued this passion and my dreams came crashing down when I realized I would be the passenger as the driving instructor and I get crazy carsick when I am not driving! There goes that dream! On a serious note, I put my heart into everything I do and find fulfillment that way. Yes, this does expose me to hurt, pain, disappointment, etc but I’ve learned to ignore the negative and focus on what I can control. #doyourbestandforgettherest

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s the best!!! It’s so funny what we think our dreams are and then something completely different can make you turn around and pursue something else!

      I agree sometimes following your heart sets you up for huge disappointment.. which is also something I’m learning to deal with… I find I care too much.

      Thanks so much for sharing! xo


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