Wait… can I still shop here?

Okay so today has been THE FIRST day where I stood in a clothing store and questioned my existence.

Not my existence so much as “why DO I exist,” but more like wait… am I allowed to buy this? It wasn’t that I was thinking I was going to get in trouble from my mother because she would get mad at me for buying something that I didn’t need,  (I do what I want because I’m a grown lady), it was a moment in time where I saw something I wanted and…


Let me paint a picture in your mind:

I walk into Forever 21, feeling great, sun is shining outside (not that it mattered because I was inside, but you get the feeling I’m trying to portray),  I see spring clothing on the racks, baseball caps with cacti on them. I was feeling great!
I walk over to a very colourful display of items and I stopped dead in my tracks. NO WAY! JELLY SANDALS! I HAD THESE WHEN I WAS A KID!!

Picked them up, tried them on, then I hesitated.

(hold on a second, I am going to be 29 in July and I just was online shopping yesterday on the Forever 21 website in which I bought a Mickey Mouse oversized Tee, and now I have mint coloured Jelly Sandals on in a store where there are teens wearing more makeup than I have ever in my life, standing next to another table display debating on which crop top to buy).

I resorted to asking my friend what she thought of my overly excited idea to buy these. Considering there was an over abundance of these sandals on the table, could mean 1 of 2 things.

1) They were just put out and the weather is just starting to get warm so people WILL eventually buy them

2) No one will ever buy them—- that’s why they are all sitting there Jess.


Is a Forever 29 year old ALLOWED to be shopping at a Forever 21? At what point am I supposed to question and make a conscious decision where I’m shopping to make sure it is appropriate for “my age?” I mean insert Kayne reference : “rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty.” I’m not even thirty yet so of course I can ROCK the crap out of a Forever 21 Mickey Mouse tee and mint coloured Jelly Sandals.

Right? Anyone?

It’s such an odd thought to think of. I mean I think I dress my age, whatever that’s supposed to mean. And I know girls who are young, are looking way older than they used to (oh my god I sound old), wearing belly tops and pounds of makeup and well.. shopping at Forever 21. BUT I LOVED THEM!!!

My friend ended up telling me to definitely NOT get the purple coloured ones and that the mint ones looked closest to clear. I think that meant “umm okay if you really want to get them, get the colour that looks like your not 11 years old.” So I got them and have been wearing them around my house. My mom laughed at me and reminded me how myself and my younger sister both owned a pair when we were little. I showed my dad who laughed and said “oh god, how much did they charge you for those.” I Facetimed my sister who told me “omg you’re wild, but I have to go.” and my boyfriend well… they weren’t the regular Nikes that he’s obsessed with.

Who knows, maybe I loved them because it made me all nostalgic of my childhood and I’ll only end up wearing them once. Or maybe I will be a trendsetter and everyone else will think they are cool and buy them. Or not.

Either way I still haven’t determined whether or not I’m too old to shop there, but I can honestly say that there are some things I just wouldn’t wear or buy.  Maybe this is me getting old? I hope not. I will put on these Jelly’s and I will wear them with pride and if you are a fellow Jelly like myself, please let me know so we can start a club or something 🙂

Jelly’s unite!



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