You have 1 hour and thirty two minutes left

Tonight’s Wine on the menu:

Northern Rhone Sirah from Saint-Joseph

What I smell: nothing

What I taste: nothing

Why? Well I’m currently sick so anything that comes near my nose or my mouth I cannot distinguish whether it smells or tastes good, or bad.

Before I get into the topic for this evening, I wanted to inform you that this is the FIRST blog entry that I’m writing under the heading  ‘ this is the wine I’m drinking tonight.’

What happens is I will open a bottle of wine that I have never tried before, and write about what ever comes to my mind. I had to put some limits on this because I could write a whole essay once I get started so…

Topic for the night: TIME

This topic game up during the Leafs game this evening. You are so into the game but all the while staring at the clock counting down the minutes and seconds until the period or the game is over. One second you’re into period one, and then the next thing you know, the game is over. That’s it. Done. See you next game. Sure you can look at the pictures you took while at the game, or watch the replays after it’s done, but when it’s done it’s done.

Sometimes I find time can go so slow when you want it to go fast, and then fast when you want it go slow. Take for example “toilet time.” (I know, I know here I go again with the toilet talk) but think about it! When you need to go to the bathroom you are either too busy at work to leave (all the time when working with children), or you get to the bathroom and realize you’re going to need two magazines and a sudoko puzzle!

Then I take a look at my younger siblings; my brother graduating and becoming a manager this summer, and my sister just Facetiming me to tell me she’s officially done college!? I still remember the days when my sister was crying in her jolly jumper and my brother was performing magic tricks and crawling up walls. Where did the time go?

Time.– Tic Tok, Tic Tok–

Right now the clock is ticking and time is going by….
What are you doing as the time goes by? Do you wish for the day to end? Or do you make the most of your day?

Time is a blessing that I believe everyone at some point, takes advantage of.

We witness children grow up in a blink of an eye, the seasons come and go, and the sun rise and set. We go to sleep, we wake up, go on with our day, and then the cycle continues. For myself I will admit, the days blur together and it feels like I’m walking down the streets of Toronto during rush hour wishing for the week to finish. Or I’m looking forward to the next adventure or trip I’ll me going on. Shouldn’t adventures be happening everyday? Shouldn’t we be excited about a new day?

And now I’m sitting here feeling guilty for ever feeling this way. Sitting here beside my LDR BF who I rarely see, taking in this rare moment of us drinking wine and watching a Netflix documentary (see each other part is rare. The wine and the Netflix, not so rare).

—– speaking of time, I was just told I needed to finish this blog in 10 minutes… don’t rush me!

Which is the point I think I’m getting at… I think. Don’t rush time. Take advantage of the time you have and do whatever it is you want. Don’t wish or live for the weekend rather, seize the day! Wake up with the sun rise and admire the seasons as they pass. Make time in this busy life FOR time like going to the bathroom when you need to. Read a book you’ve been wanting to read, or listen to an entire album of your favourite artist.  OR spend your time eating a whole bag of chips, or crying at a picture of a baby sloth.

take TIME. Listen. and Love.

I better stop myself here or I could go on and on about time and how there isn’t enough of it in a day.

BUT before I leave you with an inspirational quote about time, here is a REAL tasting note about the wine I’m (we’re–BF is a sommelier–) drinking.

BF- only a half note

Pretty classic Northern Rhone Syrah from a classic producer (Jean Louis Chave). That incredible Black pepper meat character explodes off the nose. But coupled with a mix of blackberry, cherry and raspberry. A lovely note of floral violet and crushed rose. And I can’t forget that smokey mineral tone.

On the palate the wine is Medium + all around (body, alcohol, acid, tannin) Many of the same aromas continue onto the palate. But as I venture into my second glass some dried fruit begins to appear with a raisin finish. As the wine opens up a pumpernickel aroma also becomes present along with a hint of coffee.

The Northern Rhone is my favourite red wine region and it never seems to disappoint. Complex with great fruit characteristic, intricate spice and charcuterie, classic mineral quality giving a sense of place, and subtle floral notes. Can you ask for much more in a glass of wine? If you can find them try wines from the Cornas, Cote Rotie, or Hermitage (other sub regions in the Northern Rhone) which I am very fond of. Happy tasting!!

Sorry readers, I made jess miss her deadline, but lets blame the wine!!

“There is only now. And look how rich we are in it.”


with all of my love,



  1. Time is a strange thing – sometimes you wish it would hurry by like waiting for something exciting thats coming up or when you are at work and you want the time to go faster! But other times you wish it would stand still like when you realize your children are all grown up or something fantastic is coming to an end and you wish you could have one more day, one more hour, one more minute or even turn back the time! Regardless, time is the most precious thing we have and each second should be used wisely. Another awesome article – really made me think
    As for the wine part – I will be hitting the liquor store on the weekend armed with my newly acquired knowledge thanks to your BF!

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