Set your soul on fire

Creative people.

Musicians, dancers, singers, poets, painters, photographers, makeup artists, culinary geniuses, choreographers, designers, writers. . . the list goes on.

These are the people that I have come to want to surround myself with. Creative people. The ones who are so passionate about what they love that they choose to live their life exploring and adventuring through their visionary path. The happiest of people.

You are one, though may choose not to believe it.

Think about it….

What do you love to do? What would make you want to wake up each morning? What makes you the most happy?

Do that.

I have talked with many people who struggle to find a job in a field they went to school for, or are stuck in a job that they hate. I have consistently heard people complain about their Instagram feed being bombarded with baby videos and engagement announcements. What we all need to do is stop concentrating what other people are doing with their lives and comparing how “boring” ours are, and start realizing how exciting it can actually be!

Not saying that babies and engagements aren’t fun! I currently cannot speak on that topic but I know the feeling of “WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!!!!” (*downs a rum and coke*).

We all need to think about what makes us the happiest; what sets our soul on fire. Be creative; paint a picture, cook a Masterchef worthy dinner, dance to Whitney Houston in your kitchen, heck take pictures of your baby with boogers dripping down their face! But what I encourage you to do the most, is to pursue your passion whatever that may be.

Speaking from a creative entrepreneur’s perspective, it’s very very hard to make money in the arts business. You have to werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk your booty off, your craft is constantly being judged and criticized, you are working overdrive 24/7, and a lot of the time people think your job is “cute” or “fun.”

No matter what people think or say, I know that at the end of the day I am happy and what makes me the most happy is seeing others pursue what they absolutely cannot live without. I have witnessed beautiful people pursue:
their own photography business
makeup for stage and own lipstick line
create beautiful music
explore and create stories through movement
a boutique for party goers and gift givers
makeup artistry
share their love through dance in their community
bring happiness to life with flowers
making themselves and people look beautiful with fabric
educating individuals on aromas and taste notes

These are just a few of the many people that keep me inspired to keep doing what I’m doing and I hope that this pushes and encourages you to do what inspires you.

creating is a beautiful thing so whether you want to pursue a career in the arts, or want to START creating…DO IT.

Bake those cookies, draw The Little Mermaid, take photos of dog poop, create a dance about the sun, or make your own bath bombs.

Whatever you do, let the beauty of what you love BE what you do.

all my love, screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-10-16-38-pm


  1. Now I’m gunna dance wth Whitney Houston in my room while I clean…I’m gunna imagine we are doing a musical about our lives to he r greatest hits 😉 ❤️ Feeling inspired!

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