I wanna hold your hand


1.the act of holding hands, especially as a sign or token of affection.

2.constant reassurance and help, especially as an indication of one’s interest or confidence

Such a small act but such a HUGE implication. Seems like an odd topic to talk about but for myself, it is something that I look forward to and one of the things I miss most about spending time with the boy. There are so many different ways people hold hands and for various reasons, as stated in the DICTIONARY.COM reference above.
THINK ABOUT IT…. When was the last time you held someone’s hand and who was it with? Why did you hold that persons hand? How did you hold hands? Where you at an amusement park, a funeral or on a date? Was it with a child, a loved one, a friend, your dog (yes I hold “hands” with my dog, or try to at least)
For myself, there are many different ways I hold hands specifically with my boyfriend and when I really took the time to think about the different ways, I noticed each one had a significance.. kind of.

So here is my, what I call My Guide to Handholding

The Pinky Hold– Were you and another lock pinky fingers together. Pretty simple, used when it is so hot outside that you can’t even dare to think about letting your sweaty hands touch.
Warning: Pinky Fingers may also sweat, when leading your other hand-holder you may experience a pulled pinky tendon.

Review: All in all a wonderful and cute lock of the fingers when you’re just to hot or lazy to use your whole hand.

Traditional Hand Hold Where two interlocking hands meet. The traditional form of holding someone’s hand. Holding a child’s hand while walking to the park, holding your bride/grooms hand while walking down the isle, or even holding your grandmothers hand while practicing the waltz in the living room.
Warning: Hands may get sweaty, palms clammy.
Review: A very relaxed yet intimate way of holding someone’s hand or squeezing when you’re in pain or giving birth.

The Interlock Where hands meet and fingers interlock. A very “typical” romantic type of handholding between couples. I’ve seen it many times while walking downtown and would say it is the most common for two people in love.
Warning: Some people have bony fingers so it may not be the best hold for you. You may also experience extreme pain if the person you are holding hands with decides to squeeze for example, getting scared at the movies or just simply because they want to initiate some sort of “pain game” (who can squeeze the other harder)
Review: A Very Romantic style with a touch of discomfort at times.

Mitten Handholding Where both the hand-holder and the hand-holderee?? are wearing mittens and attempt to interlock their hands. With the cooler seasons approaching, this hand-holding style is one of my favs and definitely recommended. It provides extra warmth as you are provided with heat coming from the hands and the fluffiness of the mittens.
Warning: Cannot be done with gloves on or in the summer months, unless you plan on wearing mittens in the summer for some crazy reason.
Review: 5 stars for this one or 0 stars for those who like to wear gloves in the winter

Parallel Paradox Where fingers and closed tightly together and hands are placed together touching, but not actually holding. Picture two stiff pieces of cardboard touching together, There you have it folks, the Parallel Paradox. Deemed “a thing” by my wonderful boyfriend, is best used when you just don’t really want to touch each other, but still want to… make sense? There is no real purpose to this madness just something that was made up. Warning: Use this style with caution as it may seem completely ridiculous if the other involved is not aware of what you are doing.
Review: . . . it’s fun and tickles?

These are only 5 of the many handholding techniques used I’m sure all around the world 😉 But that’s the thing with handholding. There are no rules or Guidebook on when, how, or why you should hold hands with someone.. or a pet!
What I do know is that similarly to a hug, holding someones hand DOES provide comfort and warmth, support and encouragement, and love and happiness. Handholding is not subjective. It can be done whenever you want with whomever you want doing whatever you want. It can also be used as a secret message tool—–  personal tid bit; my boyfriend and I have a little “thing” we do. When we hold hands we will squeeze 3 times as if to say “I Love You.” Something that can be said out loud in public, but it so much more intimate when done without anyone knowing.
I encourage and support all types of handholding and hope that you all find time to make up your own little handholding styles and remember not to take handholding for granted!
The little things go a long way 🙂
Happy Holding!

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