act your age??

“You know, I really wish you would act your age sometimes.”- my mom

Those of you who know me will know my real age, but for you other readers, let’s just say I’m twenty- SOMETHING and if you read my About page you will also know that I still currently live at home with my parents. This means, and I will truthfully admit, that I annoy the heck out of my parents.

It could be out of boredom or just the pure joy I get out of getting a reaction from both of them. I’d say my dad and I have a similar type of humour whereas my mom….. well she’s very sensitive (not that that is a bad thing.) I hear at least once a week, “act your age,” “how old are you again?” and I even get it from my little sis- ” what are you five?”

Now I like to think that I’m mature. I run my own business, stay organized and know how to do things that most “adults” do like pay bills, pay for gas and complain the odd time about how the Tim Horton’s employee got my order wrong (steeped tea double double with MILK not CREAM). But like I said, I apparently don’t “act my age.”

My response: How can I act my own age when I’ve never been this age before? (yes i’m being cheeky) OR What does it even mean to “act my age?” Anyone with me?
It could be that I work with kids 12 hours out of the day and their innocence sticks with me, but I have always felt that I have a young soul. I could also be borderline crazy now that I’m sitting here thinking about it.

Examples? Of course you want examples

I have found myself on multiple occasions laughing at my own jokes. I’m sure that’s common and that everyone once in their life has been the only one to laugh at their own joke. I’ll take you to the next level.


I’m not really an avid user of “The Snapchat”, but I’ve have been known to get a kick out of the filters so much so I would laugh at myself, alone… making videos of the contorted faces…. watching them and laughing some more…. laughing until I’m crying… and then in walks my mom asking who I’m talking to..

well I’m talking to myself and laughing at myself DUH (mom shakes head, shuts door- end of scene)

(follow me on snapchat if you would like to join me in laughing  @ jessiicaaaaaaa

AND THEN there are times when I will laugh SO hard that I’m crying and just cannot stop. Like the other day a Youtube video was shared with me that featured a person dancing with a mannequins head on top of its own.  I had to show my boyfriend thinking that he would find it funny.

SIDE NOTE: My boyfriend always pretends that I’m not funny when I am. He shakes his head and sometimes will smirk, but I know the day will come when he will laugh at something I say or do. I also know you’re reading this and you’re shaking your head while doing so 🙂 I thought this video was laughing material for EVERYONE so I had to share.

OKAY so I send him the link to said video and although I can’t hear any sound, I am laughing. Laughing so hard to the point of crying and he is barely smiling. THEN when it finishes, I continue on a rant about how funny it would be if we walked around town like that, or visited his dad’s gallery, or went to a restaurant.

FOR A GOOD SOLID 5 MINUTES I could not stop laughing and crying.

Those are just some of the things I find myself doing that one might think are “childish?” I also like to sing in clothing stores when I’m with my sister, dance down isles of the grocery store with my boyfriend (so I guess we both are a bit funny), and ask my mom “how does it feel, knowing that you have the best daughter in the world?”

So does acting ones age means being serious I suppose?

I believe that this world needs to not be so serious all the time. I dislike being serious and being in tense serious situations. It makes me anxious and out of my comfort zone and there is no room for laughter (or for me to laugh at myself. Which I very well could and then those serious people would think there’s something wrong with me and then maybe they would even laugh. Sorry I’m ranting).  So maybe I’m not “acting my age,” but I’m laughing and having fun and sometimes I’m even making others laugh! We need more laughter in this world so I’m telling you all right now, to STOP BEING SO SERIOUS. No I’m not saying go out and tell jokes all day and not take your job and your life seriously, what I’m saying is that in order to survive in this life, we should all remember to keep our childhood innocence.

Whether you act or age or don’t act your age, dig into your inner child from time to time and I’m sure you’ll be surprised how much fun you will have. Laugh at your own jokes, dance down the grocery isles and encourage whomever you’re with to do it with you. Hear your favourite song while shopping for a dress for the billionth wedding you be attending this year? SING IT BABY! Nice and loud! It will make shopping for that dress so much more enjoyable. and SO WHAT if people stare. You’re cool and don’t have time to sign autographs.

So as I sit here laughing at the picture roll of my younger self, I can’t help but be happy that I still have my childhood innocence knowing that I would still make the same faces today.

UPDATE: I told you I would give you all an update on my recently purchased aromaGEM . and I absolutely LOVE IT! My room feels so fresh and the “chill out” essential oil really helps me to chill so much so I fall asleep like a baby. I also introduced it to my grandma who is so amazed she now wants one herself. If grandma wants one, it must be good 🙂

Happy Week!




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