hot apple cider

Who knew that the taste of hot apple cider could provide such comfort!?

Today was a day all about apples; apple cider, apple donuts, apple fritters, apple pie, apple waffles, candy apples, apple fudge…. apples, apples, and more apples!

I took a little adventure to Bomanville with my mom and my dear friend for the annual Bomanville Applefest. It was such a gorgeous fall day compared to the freeze your butt off cold I had experienced last year at this event and wanted to share!

There was such a warm feeling the moment we parked the car. If you have ever taken a trip through Downtown Bomanville during this time of year, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The adorable old houses (which I might add, I’ve now pretended to own one), were covered with fallen colourful leaves which made it seem like a autumn wonderland. As we approached the festival, the smell of apple cider donuts filled the air so of course, I needed to buy half a dozen. There were multiple vendors from crafts and candy, to pepper jelly and pies lined up on both sides of the street and people of all ages were enjoying the apple treats and taking in the live music.

I also cannot forget about the amount of cute puppies there were! I wanted them all.

As I mentioned before in my last post, I have a hard time just buying ONE thing. So on top of the most addicting donuts ever, I also enjoyed some non-apple eats like fish tacos accompanied with.. get this… avocado fries! If you are a lover of avocado then I definitely suggest you try some.

We finished off the day sitting on some steps drinking some hot apple cider and devouring some good old hot dogs and poutine or “-poo-tin”as  my mom likes to call it. It was a beautiful day!

speaking of beautiful days, I’m going to jump back a few and give you a little tid bit  about my solo adventure to the middle of nowhere.

Last weekend I decided to get in my car and drive. Where I was driving to I had no clue, but I needed to get out of my house and BOY WAS I GLAD I did! I took all off roads enjoying farm land and all that fall has to offer, then, when I thought I was just going to drive myself right into a dead end, I ended up in the cutest cafe drinking THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever had and eating the BEST shortbread cookies EVER.

Now okay, I’m going to be honest and say that YES this was an exhilarating journey, just jumping in my car and driving until I couldn’t recognize where I was anymore. However there were a few things that reminded me how much I missed my boyfriend (insert sappy emoji here)

A couple but IMPORTANT examples:
– Two horses cuddling
-One cow taking a poo while the other licked the side of its face

Now before you get the wrong idea, I DO NOT and WILL NEVER be in the same room as my boyfriend while he is pooing and vice versa and nor will I lick his face if I ever find myself in the same room as him while he’s pooing. I guess the two horses being so romantic with each other and the cow pooing (my boyfriend and I discuss poo from time to time. Go ahead and judge), reminded me of the comfort I feel when him and I are together….. again not pooing….(insert another sappy emoji here)

Although I miss my dood, it is times like the solo journey and today being outside, enjoying my own company or the company of family and friends, that make me feel all warm and cozy inside.

Just like a hot apple cider 🙂


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