breathe and be thankful


something that I have been needing to tell myself lately. While we all are “breathing,” do we ever just take time from our busy lives to ACTUALLY feel and hear ourselves breathe? Take time to love ourselves?
To just sit or lay still on a bed, chair, or even the floor? Think about it… have you recently just… stopped?

I’m not sure about you but my mind is always racing. Thinking about all of the laundry I have to do, money I have to deposit, paying my phone bill on time, cutting dance music or prepping for my next preschool lesson. I am always thinking about what I need to do next often remembering that I haven’t gone to the bathroom yet halfway through the day (as I think about if I have gone to the bathroom yet…) I do have an agenda that I organize all my tasks but I’m still always thinking.. or worrying? Both? (and now I’m thinking about thinking and worrying.)

Yes it’s good to plan and be organized but sometimes I get so wrapped up in “what next,” that I forget to live in the present. Which means reminding myself to breathe.

SO This cozy holiday weekend I will be taking some time for myself, NOT, or trying not to, think or worry about this coming week. To help me with this exercise of not worrying, I popped into Saje at the new and improved Oshawa Centre today, and bought myself an aromaGem! It is a Ultrasonic Diffuser that purifies the air and adds a little calm or a little energy with the help from all natural essential oils; perfect for relaxing and… you guessed it… breathing.
I will be trying it out this weekend and will provide an update!

(I also suck at shopping when it comes to buying just ONE thing, so naturally I also bought two dresses from Forever 21 and a cozy black hat from Aritzia)

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend and ask that you all to join me in taking time for yourself, loving yourself, being thankful for yourself and breathing. (Hoping that you just live in the moment and won’t have to think about if you’ve made it to the bathroom 🙂



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